The Strength And Value Of Professional Services

I grew up in the 1960’s working on cars from the 1940’s through the early 1960’s. I’m sure if I had to I could still replace a head gasket or rebuild a carburetor from one of those cars. Not so with cars from the late 70’s to now. I know because I’ve tried a couple of times and just made a mess of it. I no longer try. The car goes straight to my trusted mechanic. For similar reasons, I don’t do my own dental work or prescribe my own medications or file my own legal documents. I know my skill set. I know what I can accomplish and what will frustrate me if I try to work on it.

Running a business can have similar comparisons. People have strengths in different areas: Operations, IT, HR, Legal, Inventory, Maintenance, Accounting, Marketing. However, if you are running a small to medium sized firm chances are you have tried to do all of these things for yourself and found the results lacking. Early in my career, I learned to surround myself with people who are smarter than me in the areas in which I am unfamiliar, and then trust them to do the job.

If you are the “Head Honcho” of a small to medium sized firm you probably don’t have full time departments for all of those functions. We would like to assist you where we can.

Grace S. Clark, CPA provides Monthly and Quarterly Bookkeeping Services with requisite Financials; business and individual income tax accounting; trust accounting and business consulting. For non-accounting services we function as a concierge since we have multiple contacts with other service providers.

Grace S. Clark, CPA is a Member of the California Association of CPA’s (CalCPA), the American Institute of CPA’s, is a Past President of the Inland Empire Chapter of CalCPA and has sat on the State Board for CalCPA representing the Inland Empire. She is a sought after speaker for local University Accounting Programs to encourage students to aspire to become a CPA.